About Craig Caudill, Trusted Peer Reviewer & Site Contributor

Editor’s Note: Bug Out Bag Academy is honored and privileged to have Craig Caudill peer review the content on our site to ensure it is truthful, reliable, and accurate to the best of our combined abilities. In today’s bloated age of misinformation, rest assured as a reader of this site, you are getting some of the best vetted advice and education currently available pertaining to survival and emergency / disaster preparedness.

Craig Caudill, Director of Nature Reliance School, is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and professional backcountry survival and preparedness skills instructor.

Decades of Survival Experience

His decades of experience training civilians, private contractors, and government operators provides him with an unmatched ability to help others become self-reliant through in-person courses, a robust online school, books, social media, and a highly underrated podcast. 

Training the Best in Their Fields of Expertise

Serving as a contractor for the United States military and other federal and first responders, Craig has real, first-hand knowledge of how to survive while mitigating potential and actual disasters. He loves to share the mindset, skills, tactics and gear with anyone willing to listen and put the information to work in their daily lives.

Where to Find Him Online

You may interact with Craig and the Nature Reliance School team through the various platforms linked below. Be sure to follow him on social media and subscribe to his weekly newsletter for updates!