Get a Custom Bug Out Bag, Built by Pros

Here’s How to Get Started Building Your Custom Bug Out Bag with 4 Easy Steps!

STEP 1) Take this Emergency Preparedness Online Assessment

Unlike the general checklist you got when you subscribed to my updates, Roman’s team will take your personal answers to the above assessment and use them to craft a Custom Survival Kit and Preparedness Checklist based on your specific needs and concerns. I think it took me about 7-10 minutes when I ran through it.

Custom-suited to your particular needs, this assessment covers Home Preparedness Kits, Bug Out Survival Kits and everything in between, including:

  • Bug Out Bags for Adults and Children
  • Get Home Bags
  • NBC/CBRN (Nuclear, biological, and chemical)
  • Pet Kits
  • EDC Kits (Every Day Carry)
  • Car Emergency Kits
  • Home Preparedness


STEP 2) Pay the $20 (Fully Refundable) Consultation Fee

After you complete the assessment, there is a $20 refundable deposit for this service, but if you ask me it’s well worth it when you add up the time and stress you’ll save. (Please note, I do receive a small commission if you use this service through the links on this page, at no additional cost to you.)

If you choose to have Roman and his team build your bug out bags, you can then apply this $20 to your order.

If, for whatever reason you’re not satisfied at any point, there is a no hassle, money back guarantee.


STEP 3) Receive Your Personalized Emergency Preparedness Assessment!

Within 24-48 hours of completing your assessment, you’ll receive via email a complete custom PDF package with line-item pricing for you and your family.

The personalized PDF checklists/pricing sheets I received were very thorough and well organized.


STEP 4) Review Your Assessment and Checklist with a Trained Specialist

A trained specialist will personally reach out to you to discuss your particular needs, any revisions, and how they can help you meet your preparedness goals.

This can be done over the phone or via email.

A phone call is certainly recommended as it is the most efficient of the two and will make sure they get everything they need to get your order right the first time.


I’ve been through the complete process making sure I can recommend this service to you.


I especially appreciate how prompt, professional and transparent they are about their quality of gear, and tiered competitive pricing to suit all budgets and skill levels.


Their “100 Day Return Policy” and “Price Match Guarantee” is just icing on the cake, in my opinion.


Is This Service Right For You?

Now, here’s how I would decide whether something like this is right for you…


If you enjoy all things “survival” and “emergency preparedness” and love spending hours upon hours staying up late doing research and price comparisons to save a few bucks (like my wife does! 🙂 ), then this probably isn’t the best fit for you.




If, say, you have more cash than you have time or preparedness knowledge, then you’ll most likely benefit greatly from these tailor-made services.


What if I Want to Build My Own?

If you want to take the assessment results, get a realistic idea of what to include, how much it could cost, and modify or build your own kits, that’s cool too.


Either way, take a look and let me know if you have any questions, otherwise Roman has a great FAQ in that link that covers most, if not all, the bases.


Stay safe out there,