LuminAID PackLite Max Solar Lantern Review


Luminaid Solar Lanterns (Not Your Grandpa’s Kerosene Lamp)

One of the most important additions to any Bug Out Bag or camping setup is lighting. We all may find ourselves pitching a tent as the sun is going down, traipsing around the campground at night looking for a place to relieve ourselves or, God forbid, actually bugging out in the middle of the night. Flashlights are great but they are somewhat limited in their usefulness. This is why we chose to review the LuminAID PackLite.

LuminAID markets the PackLite Max as a “Portable Inflatable Lantern”. It is most definitely all 3: Portable, Inflatable (It floats!) and bright source of light. Check out the video above to see the PackLite in full action.

The PackLite Max USB is LuminAID’s brightest, highest performing, solar inflatable lantern. Rechargeable via solar or USB input, you can use it anywhere. It provides over 150 lumens of bright LED light on Turbo mode and can run for up to 50 hours on Low mode when fully recharged. It’s the perfect all-purpose lantern to light up your campsite or family tent. Charges via solar power in 12-14 hours of direct outdoor sunlight or by USB input in 1-2 hours.

Want to see it in action? Watch the quick video review above.

Do you have a solar lantern like this? What do you think of it?


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  • Joie Gahum says:

    Great review! Have you tried roadeavour?

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks! Haven’t heard of that one, Joie. Thoughts?